Our lot

Our lot

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Choosing our lot...

Most of the lots in our community and in most Ryan homes communities are built with streets in rows so the backyards are butting up next to each other. So we fully expected our lot to be like this and although we would have liked not having neighbors behind us (or looking out our morning room into our neighbors yard) we didn't expect to have a choice.

So, before we visited our sales rep (who did an awesome job by the way) again to talk about the model  we did a drive by of the communty a couple times.  We wanted to get a good idea of our preferred lots ahead of time.  Actually, we do an elephant sized amount of research before talking to him or making any decisions.....that's just who we are.  Alicia was recently having second thoughts about Ryan homes and this community in general.  She wasn't ready to give up trees in the backyard for another house that we would be looking at.  I was not happy because we already made this decision and put in a ton of time and effort to get this far. She always second guesses everything though and i know by now just to reassure her and wait patiently for her to come back around:)   Nonetheless, when we drove around looking at lots we thought for sure we wanted a lot on the golf course.  However, the only lots currently opened on the course backed up to a pond which would not work with our little ones with black belts in curiosity.  We knew we had a special pricing deal on one of the lots with our back yard with a neighbor behind us. But we fell in love with a lot that we had not noticed before.  It was more expensive (because it was not the special deal and had a little premium on it) because it was practically on a cul-de-sac and had trees in the backyard.  Once we realized this lot was available we were determined to figure out a way to get it....so we did! We made the decision and later brought the kids out to see "our dirt" as they always referred to it.

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