Our lot

Our lot

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Picture-Palooza...siding, cabinets, and countertops oh my!

Before I get to the house, I'll start with some exciting loan news!  When we first did our loan back in March we didn't have flooring in our price-quote.  We knew we were going with the laminate flooring but because of the big price range and not seeing the samples our sales rep said we'd just add it in as a change request.  Well, then later our loan officer would not add it in because of our high debt/income ratio while owning our current home (we aren't selling it but renting it once we move).  This increased our amount due at closing by $4000!  There wasn't much we could do about it-either skip the flooring we wanted or scrounge around and somehow come up with the money.  We were also in the process of refinancing our house so we were hoping the drop in payment would allow us to roll in that extra cost.  The refinancing took way longer than expected and then the loan officer for this loan said he was going to be very conservative and wasn't sure if he'd roll in any extra cost.  We finally got the word back and they can roll it all in and even more of the closing costs then expected!  What a blessing and huge relief! And even rolling it in, because of our low interest rate we are still at about $130 below our first monthly payment estimate! Now we can relax and shop for curtains, light fixtures, and appliances without worrying about the huge amount we need to come up with for closing!

We went out to the house today and were prepared to not see much change.  Our PM called Thursday (he does this weekly) and only mentioned them working on finishing up the drywall.  No word on siding or anything else being done.  We still were hoping to see something new though.  When we pulled up towards the house we didn't see any siding but saw another house had been sided (maybe we were actually #4 and not #3 in line).  As we drove down to park on the cul-de-sac, we spotted it!   A tiny row of siding but hey it's a start!  And the Spanish olive turned out just like we were hoping!  It's hard to capture in the pictures but it's a nice light greenish tan.  While we were out there the drywall guys stopped in and said they were going to finish sanding on Sunday and then it would be ready for painting on Monday!  So we were pretty excited that we are moving along...then I looked in the garage!  All of our goodies had been delivered!  We were able to see the cabinets, countertops, and doors!  There also was a glass frame for around the door but I'm guessing that was sent by mistake because our house doesn't have that.  By next week when we go back I think we'll probably have the exterior siding and trim all done and the cabinets installed!   But anyway...on with the pictures!

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 We spot siding!!!

We love the spanish olive!

 The drywall has been smoothed out some more.


Morning Room

Siding from the sliding glass doors in the morning room

Family room

Upstairs now has been mudded and smoothed out.

Hanging out in the playroom!

Upstairs looking down to the front door

Ceilings look done

Master Bedroom

 O was prepared in his goggles-hanging out in the small closet in the master bedroom.

The walk-in closet

The boys in their room!

Oooooh!  Look at all those goodies!

Antique Mascarello countertop-you can kind of see the "etchings" finish and beveled-edge here.


Nice 2-panel doors

Double sink for in the kids bathroom

Of course I had to open a box and take a peak!  Our Rushmore painted maple butterscotch cabinets!

More countertop

The standard stainless steel sink

While I have the box open I might as well put the countertop on!

We love it!!!  I think it really brings out the butterscotch glaze on the cabinets and the gray should look great with the stainless steel appliances!

Another view of all the boxes!

Siding on the back of the house

Other side of house


  1. How exciting! I can't wait to have a garage full of goodies!

  2. OMG! I love love love the Rushmore Maple Glaze Butterscotch Cabinets and they look awesome with the beveled edge counter top!! I love your color choice! I chose the same cabinets for our kitchen! BTW--the Spanish Olive is very pretty!

  3. I am going to have a hard time not just unpacking all of that stuff in the garage once it arrives for us! :-)

    1. I hear you, Thoma!! Xmas in July is awesome, why wait until December! :-)

  4. The cabinets looks awesome with your countertop choice! I can't wait to see our final counters with the cabs!

  5. Everything looks great! It looks like you are in about the same stage that we are. We really have to get a move on packing!

  6. I really like the color of your siding too! What a blessing about your floors ad the mortgage dropping $130 bucks...that is awesome!

  7. How exciting! I love the granite.. can't wait to see pics of it installed :)

  8. The Spanish olive looks really nice. Great choice! An attractive appearance matched with energy-efficiency. What was the siding preference of your neighbors? I’m always curious with that. When was the fateful day that you moved in, by the way? The kids must’ve been so energetic exploring every room. They’re so much like my kids. :D