Our lot

Our lot

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Almost our last visit!

I stopped out at the house today.  We have just over a week until we get the keys!  We'll hopefully stop out at the house one more time and after that it's ours!  Here's pictures of the changes I saw today...

 Carpet is in except for the family room

Armstrong Sedona Cherry next to Shaw Initiator (both very dirty!)

The toilet and pedestal sink our now in the downstairs powder room, still waiting on the mirror

 Door handles are in downstairs, upstairs they are in boxes by each door ready to be installed

The family room has carpet pad down.
 I'm looking forward to seeing this carpet because it's the only room we upgraded padding/carpet.

The dishwasher is in.

The carpet is installed upstairs as well.

The playroom now with carpet.  They still haven't installed lights in here or the kids bedrooms.

The master-bathroom glass shower-encloser and garden tub are now installed.

Love it!  So glad we decided to do this upgrade!

My only concern is we don't have an access panel.  In the model it was on the front of the tub, since ours was tiled I assumed it would be in the master-closet like some other blogs have had but it's not there either....not sure how we will access the plumbing if needed.

Running water (kind of, it was probably just turned on because it was sputtering!)

The door stoppers were all out in the kitchen so they probably will be installed soon.

Looking from the kitchen to the front door-can't wait until the flooring is all uncovered!

Looking from the front door to the back of the house, stairs are to the left.

Last on the list-finish the carpet and door handles, install stove and kitchen faucet, install the powder room mirror, paint the front door and pillars, fixing up mistakes and the broken windows, and final grading and landscaping.  Our PM said our final inspection will be this Friday or next Monday.  We get our keys next Friday!


  1. It all looks good. You're on the "home stretch"!!

  2. HI Alicia, that's a good question about the access panel for the plumbing. It's worth checking that out with the PM. I was looking for pictures of where ours may be located because I want to have to install a sprayer for the tub. Everything is looking fabulous--very excited for you and your family!!

  3. We were told our access panel would be tiled over and caulked... though in our model it was grouted over. Hopefully you should never need to get to it, but I agree it would be good to be able to just in case.