Our lot

Our lot

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Next time we go out to the house we'll have keys!!

The last time I was out to the house was Wednesday morning.  Our PM had said our inspection would be Friday or Monday so we figured going out there on Saturday (our last time until closing) it would be pretty much done.  Well, not quite.  It looks like they maybe stopped working Wednesday because not much has changed. It was a little disappointing...ok a lot disappointing...but it will make closing day all that more exciting since things should be a lot different!

When we went out Saturday we were locked out as usual but this time we were REALLY locked out because the sales-rep wasn't in the model home to give us keys.  I think he's late pretty frequently so I'm pretty glad we won't need to go there anymore.  They are supposed to open at 11am and we got there about 11:15 and ended up driving around until 11:45 or so before he came in.  Since we had time to waste we stopped out at the subdivision/golf course's pool to show the kids.  It'll be really  nice to be able to take the kids down here when they get bored during the moving/painting stage.  They are going to start building the club-house in September so I'm looking forward to seeing that too! 

(click to enlarge)

Here are the pictures of the changes since the last time I was at the house...looks like they are going to have a busy week to get it done before our closing/walkthrough on Friday!

Garden tub faucet was installed (it's super wiggly so I think it still needs caulked or tightened)

Showing we still don't have carpet in the family room...

We also have a cabinet door removed so maybe that was damaged.

Front door was painted but the pillars still need done.

Front of the house-the cable box was moved over but we still need the final grading, landscaping, and touch ups.

There are a good amount of things that still need done before closing.  Some chips in cabinets and window molding, the morning room roof still has a slight dip, squeeks in the floor, lights and doorknobs need installed upstairs, kitchen faucet needs installed (it was stolen so the PM had to buy a new one!!!), stove needs installed, broken window needs replaced, carpet needs finished, touch ups and cleaning to be done and I'm hoping they'll be putting in the lazy susan and microwave rack because both are missing.  Fingers crossed that all these things will be finished!!!

We've also been spending some more time shopping.  Wow is there a lot to buy and do when you build new!  We decided on the cabinet knobs/pulls for the bathrooms.  I really suggest getting your own cabinet/pulls.  Ryan charges $200 and installs just basic pulls (you only can choose the finish).  We were able to get a lot nicer pulls/knobs and still came out around $175.  We also bought the ceiling fans, mudroom bench, and window seat for the living room/office and decided most of the paint colors.

  This week we'll be trying to refinish the dining room table and china-cabinet (hopefully!).  Our closing is Friday morning, Final walk-through is right afterward, and then we get our keys.  Saturday-Friday we will spend painting, installing light fixtures/fans, and cabinet knob/pulls and taking boxes over each day.  Saturday the 18th will be the big move in day!!!  We can't wait!!!


  1. Oh wow, they have a LOT to do over the next few days! Did they forget that you guys are closing on Friday? Hopefully they can knock everything out by then and don't interfere with settlement.

    1. I know! I couldn't believe it when I walked in! I'm not worried that they'll finish but looks like they'll definately be busy!

  2. We didn't have to pay for our kitchen cabinet pulls or the bathroom ones. They said if you upgraded your cabinets high enough, the knobs were included and they would even install them in the bathrooms. I know this isn't the case in all areas though.

    I felt like they weren't going to finish our house either. There was so much not done last week! But just by Wednesday alone, it was pretty much done. They are fast!

    1. Yeah I guess that's different in our community. We did the highest cabinet upgrade and it wasn't included for us. The $200 would have included bathroom knobs too but we figured for that price we could pick out knobs/pulls that we really liked instead. Good luck tomorrow:) I bet you're counting the hours now!

    2. We chose the highest cabinet upgrade and they still wanted to charge $200 which included all the bathrooms and kitchen. I opt not to do it because I prefer to pick the knob/pulls myself.