Our lot

Our lot

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

40 days and all I get are a few crappy sneak peaks?!!!

Yep, Sorry!  We've been MIA for quite a while.  With moving, and starting homeschooling; we haven't had much time for blogging...imagine that!  So here's a quick update and some quick "sneak peak" pics with more to come soon!

The Big Day-Aug.10th went great.  Settlement was smooth and quick-a few (ok more than a few!) signatures and Tada!  We bought a house!  We (unlike other bloggers) had an awesome experience with NVR mortgage.  We honestly didn't have a single problem and everything with the loan went smooth.  We went straight from signing papers to do our walk-through.  We were slightly disappointed that our landscaping and grass was not in as we had been told it would be.  There also was someone working on the flooring when we first got there (I guess PM noticed some damaged boards).  But all and all everything went well.  We got keys at 4pm.

Aug10-17 was work,work, work!  Dan took off the whole week and we (along with our Dad's and some friends) spent time painting, painting, and painting!  We also installed ceiling fans, cabinet knobs, curtain rods, and all the little things that need done before moving.  A big thanks to Dan's mom for all the help with the kids and our Dad's and friends for all their help working!

Aug 18 was move-in and it went fairly well.  Almost everyone that was supposed to help us canceled the day before so that was pretty stressful.  The majority of the moving was done by Dan, my Dad, and our friend Ali...can you imagine?!  Later that day, my uncle and a couple of his friends came to help and things went a lot quicker after that.

After moving in, things have been great!  We LOVE it here!  Beautiful area, wonderful people, and so much space.  We have had a lot of fun decorating and choosing things for the house.  Still a ton to do of course but we can park 1 car in the garage and once we install the garage storage stuff-the other car will fit too!  The basement is another story:/  The subdivision is wonderful.  We've been invited to many "events" and "parties" and it seems like there is always something to do!

The bad things so far...the big one was upon closing we had what looked like a clog in our master shower.  Water was backed up and drywall debri was in the drain.  We called the PM and were told that the little cap to protect the drain during building probably wasn't removed.  He told Dan how to do it but when Dan tried it was stuck and the little pull tab broke off and the gasket type thing came with it.  Next thing we knew we had water coming out the recessed lights in the kitchen!  Thankfully my Dad knew what to do and stopped it.  Then someone came to fix it and all was fine.

Another thing-we had tons of tacks sticking out of the carpet along the seams.  Connor even hurt his foot shortly after moving in.  But another PM to the rescue!  He came and hammered down every single tack for us.

Other than that we've still just been waiting on our landscaping.  It's been delayed over and over and the rain has delayed it some too.  The PM told us this week that if the landscaper didn't come by next week he'd hire someone else.  Hopefully it's done soon.

All and all we're super happy and loving it here!  Now for a few pics and hopefully I'll post more this week!
Our house:)-hopefully I'll have an updated pic with landscaping soon!

The homeschooling/craft room

Window seat in the computer room (the bottom cushion is being changed once I find one I like!)

Downstairs Powder Room

Kitchen-above cabinets shot

Morning Room

Master Bedroom


  1. Hi Alicia, it's nice to see you back and WITH PICTURES!! AND LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING MORE! You have made some nice touches to your new home. I am absolutely in love with the children's home school chairs--so charming and colorful.

    1. Thanks Rick and Nadase! I love all the little touches (non standard requests) you've chosen for your house! Can't wait to see how it all comes together! Hang in there! It'll happen!