Our lot

Our lot

Monday, September 24, 2012

One room at a time...First up...The Kitchen!!!

Since I've been slacking so much on the blog I thought it would be nice to do a post...one room at a time.  This one-the best room of the house-the kitchen!!!

Our Kitchen

For those that are building with Ryan...here's a recap of our kitchen selections...
-Cabinets- Rushmore Painted Maple Butterscotch Glaze
-Countertop- Antique Mascarello Formica 180fx (with contoured edge included)
-Flooring- Armstrong Sedona Cherry Laminate
-Gourmet Island
-Morning room
-42in cabinets
-Stainless Steel Appliances

Things we did on our own
-Wall Color- Olympic in Sea Sprite
-Cabinet Pulls/Knobs-Allen & Roth Marisa
-Faucet-Moen Lindley
-Fridge-Samsung 29cu. stainless steel french-door

Now for pics!!! (Click to Enlarge)



This chalkboard we just finished up this weekend.  I'll be using it for the weekly menu/grocery list.
The bottom/middle pane will have photos soon!

Moen Lindley Pull-down faucet and soap dispenser-Looooove this! 
So glad we did this on our own and didn't do the upgrade offered through RH.

Gourmet Island with Allen &Roth Marisa Hardware

The kitchen looking towards the powder room and hallway

In the Family Room looking toward the kitchen

Close-up of the Armstrong Sedona Cherry

In the dining room looking toward the pantry and kitchen
Next Post: Morning Room!


  1. Oh, Alicia, your kitchen is just beautiful! I love how everything complements each other. I can't wait to see the rest of the house :)

  2. Your kitchen is spotless! You're amazing…nice job. I especially like the art work about the butterfly! Looking forward to seeing more pics.

  3. beautiful color on the walls nice job

  4. What do you think of the Armstrong floors? We chose this flooring too in a different color. Just curious since you've had it for a little while.

    1. Hi Jo! We like them for the most part! When we first moved in they made a popping/cracking noise which really bothered me but the more you walk on them it pretty much goes away. They look really nice! Everyone thinks they are hardwood. We've also dropped things and dripped paint on them and it cleans up no problem! The one thing I don't like is the really glossy finish-it looks great but it shows smears/water spots etc. We've had to play around a lot with cleaners. Right now we're using a recipe from pinterest that has water, rubbing alcohol (to make it evaporate quick), and a few drops of dishsoap. It's worked a lot better to keep the streaks away. Congrats on your home!

    2. That's really good to know. I will have to look up the cleaner on Pinterest. Thanks for the quick response. Your home is beautiful. :)

  5. Hi! Your new home is beautiful! I am currently trying to decide between golden mascarello laminate and a solid surface. Our installer thinks the seams will show up too much on the laminate and is encouraging the solid surface. Did you have to seam yours on the winged bar and if so, does it show up badly? Our counter and raised bar are both winged on either ends making for four seams. Decisions, decisions!

  6. Hi, I love your counters. I am currently trying to decide between golden mascarello laminate and a solid surface. Our installer is trying to talk me out of the laminate because of the seams. Did you have to seam your laminate? If so, does it show up really bad?

    1. Hi Sandy! Thank you! We have the antique mascarello so just a shade different than the golden. We only have one seem in our kitchen. It's in the corner to the right of the sink where you see the coffee maker. I think the mascarello being marbled helps hide the seam quite a bit compared to most seams in laminate. Especially with the coffee maker there I don't really notice it unless I look for it. Everyone that has come over immediately comments on how much they love our counters! We didn't have a choice of a solid surface (except granite) so I can't speak on those. Have fun building!

  7. Did you keep the standard RH sink when you replaced the faucet? Di you have to drill an additional holes for the soap dispenser or were they already cut out??

    1. Hi Caitlin! We did keep the standard RH sink. It is a typical 3 hole sink so the soap dispenser fits in one of the extras (only one is needed for the faucet). Our PM actually installed it for us too!