Our lot

Our lot

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Bless the LORD, my soul; all my being, bless his holy name!
Bless the LORD, my soul; do not forget all the gifts of God,
Psalm 103:1-2

The day we've been waiting for is here!  After many prayers we finally heard back from NVR on our underwriting process!  And it was GOOD NEWS!!! 

When we started this process, we struggled on what was the right decision.  We thought it seemed like this house was where we should be but it just seemed too good to be true and we didn't want to do anything too soon or that wasn't a good idea financially.    It has been right before Lent and during lent we decided to read "The Word Among Us" (a daily devotional) daily.  Dan's Mom had just grabbed one of her old copies and we had been reading out of it.  It's funny because so many days the devotional was about Moses and about God telling him to go to the "Promise Land".  The land flowing with milk and honey.  And Moses of course kept saying no and thinking of excuses.  It just didn't seem possible that the Pharaoh would listen to him!  This really resonated with us.  This home was very much a "Promise Land" to us.  It seemed too good to be true and not possible.  We, just like Moses, came up with every reason why it wouldn't work.  And every reason was pushed aside by God and made possible.  Today, that last reason, was pushed aside.  We got the final approval. 

We are over the moon happy and really cannot even express how thankful we are that God has made this possible for our family.  This home means a better life for us.  So much space to grow.  So much freedom for our kids to run and play.  So much room to enjoy our family.  Closer to Dan's new job.  A better school.  A neighborhood full of kids.  So many blessings.  We can't even begin to list how wonderful this is. 

During Lent, Dan and I had really been praying about God's plan for our family.  We had struggled with what God wants for us and what we want for ourselves.  It's been many years of God inching us closer and closer to showing us his true plan.  And we think we've found it.  After so many prayers, we know that God wants us to leave our family size completely up to him.  Of course that was scary at first.  Just like learning to trust is always scary.  But who better to trust than God? 

We knew that our reasons for not having more children were selfish.  We probably wouldn't be able to afford fancy schools, fancy clothes, fancy vacations...We would be tired and busy and crazy right?!   Learning to take emphasis off ourselves and put it onto God wasn't easy.  And still isn't and I'm sure we'll still struggle.  But we know that this is right for our family and so God will make it work.  He always does.

The blessing of this home continues to show us we are on the right path.  A big fear in trusting God with our family size was having room for a bigger family.  And like always, God casts the fear away.  In this house we have 5 bedrooms and once we have the basement finished, we will have 4,000 square feet.  God doesn't just provide, He provides abundantly.  So what do we have to fear?

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  1. God is so good…and his only request is for us to trust him and have his word abide in our heart. I'm learning how to walk in faith and how to let him lead. It's not easy when you're a type A personality like me:-)…but I do know all things are possible through him!