Our lot

Our lot

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Guardian Meeting, Changes, and Patience

On Monday, Dan met with Guardian.  Our meeting had been pushed back a few weeks because I got sick the day Dan was supposed to meet with them and he had to stay home and help me with the kids.  Guardian does the wiring for the tvs, home security system ,phone etc.  Thankfully we aren't big tv people so we weren't too worried about this appointment costing a lot (I've read blogs where options might be $2000 more).  We knew that 2 tv connections and 2 phone connections were included and that worked for us.  We did tv and phone in the family room and master bedroom.  Easy peasy no extra charges and we were done.

We had been having second thoughts on our cabinet choice for the bathrooms (white thermofoil).  We basically chose it because it was the cheapest upgrade that we liked.  But since our tile will be white in the master and the granite is light colored too we thought it was all a little too plain.  We decided to upgrade to the Cherry Bordeaux and were between the Tahoe (a little more plain and veneer instead of solid wood) or the Wyoming (more ridges and detail and solid wood).  We were excited to hear that for the bathroom they are actually the exact same price so we upgraded to the Wyoming!  We're excited to have these cabinets instead and it only ended up an extra $200 per bathroom so I think it was well worth it to get deeper cabinets with solid wood vs the cheaper white thermofoil ones.  Here's a picture :

For details on all the cabinets you can check out :

Another thing that we had thought we wanted to have is an outlet on our gourmet island.  We wanted to make sure Dan could do his pancake making there while I cook at the stove.  We were excited to hear that one is already included on our island so we didn't need to upgrade anything.

Lilly had her birthday party this weekend.  It was a lot of fun and it seems crazy that it will be our last birthday party in this house.  It really makes this all seem more real.  A little bittersweet to realize that we won't have another birthday party, Christmas, or bring home a new baby to this house.  But definately exciting to think about all the memories that we will have at the new house.

Here's a picture of the birthday girl:

And lastly, we are trying our best to be patient on our loan underwriting process.  We went with Ryan Home's mortgage company NVR in order to get free incentives.   We were told that it usually takes about 3 weeks in underwriting.  We got our preapproval and they said that 90% of people that get that will get full approval.  It's been just over 3 weeks now and the waiting is sure making us anxious!  Are debt/income ratio is high due to still owning this home so we just want to be sure that we aren't one of those 10% that don't get the final approval.  It will be a huge relief when we get the final "yes!".  It's also been a little weird because they haven't really asked us for anything.  I guess Dan must have done a good job getting them everything they needed initially because they haven't asked for any further documentation.  We contacted them a week ago and they said they were waiting on employment verification.  We know that they got that last Thursday so hopefully we will hear good news soon.  Any prayers our way would be greatly appreciated:)

Our next meeting is on the 27th.  We'll be meeting with our sales rep and project manager to go over all the plans and blueprints to finalize everything before breaking ground May9th!!!

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