Our lot

Our lot

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Final Choices

Tuesday we met again with our sales rep to finalize everything.  We had to choose locations for hosebibs outside, an outlet in the garage, and where we wanted light "rough-ins" vs "complete lights".  We also made a couple changes.  We decided to upgrade to "oil rubbed bronze" door handles and light fixtures (instead of brushed nickel).We decided to upgrade the padding in the family room to the next level (6lb pad) since the carpet had a longer warranty we wanted the padding to last.  We also decided to add in a basement "rough in" for the bathroom plumbing for when we finish the basement.

The biggest change was to the outer of our house.  We originally planned on doing elevation "a" with partial stone.  I had been getting a little hesitant about it because I wasn't sure if it would look right.  Elevation A is basically all flat in the front so I thought it might look weird to just have half the house stone and half siding.  We also really liked the siding color we chose and it would only have a small amount of siding in the front.  Here's a picture to give you an idea...
It would be like that but the peak of the house over to the left (instead of middle) and there wouldn't be an overhang on the door.

So after going back and forth about it we decided to switch to Elevation "C" and do all siding.  It would save us some money and we liked Elevation "C" better.  We'd also get to have more of the siding color that we really liked.  So here is a picture of Elevation C (but ours will be all siding)...

It essentially gives us the two peaks on the roof like above and the decorative top, overhang on door with recessed light, and the windows on the left are basically double wide windows vs two singles.

The siding color is Spanish Olive (pale green) with white shutters and trim and Ripe Olive (dark green) door.  Here is a picture of similar colors...

And I tried to take a picture of our floor plan so hopefully this worked...

So all in all, decisions are being made and we are one step closer!  We are still waiting for our loan to finish the underwriting process and we have a meeting scheduled for April 27th to meet with our Project Manager and we are set to break ground on May 9th!!!


  1. The Naples is a great floorplan. It was the first one that we priced out, but we ended up going with the Verona. We don't have any children that can share a room (age gaps and genders), so what we didn't like about the Naples was that the bedrooms were such different sizes. That big bedroom in the front is perfect for two kids to share. The master with the two closets is in incredible. Good luck with your build!

  2. Thanks Rachel! Yeah we do think this floorplan will work great since our boys will probably be sharing a room for a while. Your house is turning out great! We loved seeing the antique mascarello so we'll know better what ours will look like!