Our lot

Our lot

Saturday, May 5, 2012

A couple perks and a delay...

We were excited a couple weeks ago to confirm that our "alcove" or "phase 2" section gets a couple perks.  The whole cul-de-sac area will get an upgraded garage door and front door similar to the cottage style elevations.  We were happy to hear that because we had considered doing the cottage style elevation but there was a couple things I didn't like about it and we didn't want to pay the extra money if there were things we didn't like.  So we get a couple of the things we did like without paying...score!

Normally our elevation (c) would come with a normal door with a small rectangular window up high.  The garage door would not have windows.  Here's the garage door and front door we will get instead (this is not our house or model):

You can see a better picture of the front door at this blog: http://ourroadtovenice.blogspot.com/2012/04/welcome-home.html

Our door will be just like that but a dark green.

So needless to say we are pretty excited about that! 

Another thing we are happy about is we found out at the pre-construction meeting that we WILL be able to get our utility sink in the basement!  Dan was pretty adament he wanted that but when we talked to the sales rep last he had said it might not be possible for us.  I guess since we are having our basement unfinished (but planning to finish later) it could cause a problem.  They need to install the sink at a location with a wall and the only actual wall we will have is right by the stairs.  That wouldn't work for us since that will be the finished section later.  He said that a customer he just worked with wasn't able to have it put in on the other location we wanted (because it was just the cement wall covered in insulation).  So we were happy to hear that the PM will just build us a small wall in that area so we can have our sink! 

Now for the bummer...they moved our breaking ground date back again!  We were first set for May 9, then May 16, now May 23rd.  Really stinks because we are so excited to see something happening.  And I, being the most indecisive person ever, get even more time to question each decision:/  But they still have our move in date the same (early/mid Aug).  We had told them initially that we needed move in to be August and didn't want it to be any earlier so we would have time to save and rent our house.  They said they thought with the earlier break ground dates we might have ended up closing in late July so they pushed us back.  So all in all not horrible news because the move in is the same and really what we wanted but still stinks to have to wait to see something!


  1. I love the garage door and front door. If they had been an option for us, I would have definitely gone with them. How nice that they are included for you! It is tough to be patient when you just want to get started on the process, but once it starts, it flies by. We are closing on May 23 and it seems like we just broke ground.

    1. Thanks! We are really happy about them. You are getting so close to moving in! Your house is beautiful I bet you are so excited!