Our lot

Our lot

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pre-Construction Meeting

Ryan Homes does a pre-construction meeting after the loan approval and before they break ground.  The purpose is to sort of hand off the process from the sales guy to the project manager and get to meet the PM.  He will basically be the go to guy for all the status updates and he makes sure the house gets built properly and with our specifications.  Our PM seemed great.  He has been doing this for a long time and was very personable and made us feel like we could go to him for anything, even if we think it's a stupid question.  It's funny because our first impression of him was pulling in behind his big truck with Steelers stickers on it and we walk in and he is big and burley with a Steelers hard hat. Booo (GO BROWNS!).  But he turned out to be someone we are glad to have on our house.

During the meeting he went in detail over our blueprints to make sure we had all our questions addressed and explain some of the details maybe we hadn't gone over.  It's sort of funny because Alicia and I didn't really have any questions and weren't surprised by anything because we asked a million questions throughout the process up to this  point.  Our sales guy was probably pretty pumped to hand us off to the PM, haha.

The breaking ground date seems to be 5-16 and the expected move in date is still around the beginning/middle of August.  The meeting lasted about an hour and a half but of course we drove around our lot and checked out the neighborhood again.

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  1. Liked your update, Dan. With the great postings it feels like we're right there with you through this whole process. It's really going to happen! Watching for the next update. Love, Mom