Our lot

Our lot

Monday, May 7, 2012

The verdict is in...kind of.

So we got good news and then maybe good, maybe bad news.  Good news is the transformer boxes to the right are actually on our neighbors property (like inches over the property line) and will be between our two houses.  Still not super happy about them being there but it's a million times better that they are between houses and not just in front of our house.

The other box to the left is the one closest to our house and what we are most concerned with now.  Since the other boxes weren't exactly where we thought they were, I drove out to the site today to get a better look at everything.  The light green/gray box is 13.5ft at an angle from our front porch.  It's basically right at the line of where our house ends and 13ft in front of it.  It's 17ft from the street.  Since our house is a reverse plan it's worse than most.  I drove around the neighborhood and saw 2 similar boxes but they were placed close to the garage side not the front door/porch area.  Because of the placement it will be in view from our front window as well.  It's about 4ft tall.

I took some pictures to illustrate this (click to enlarge)...

The first picture shows the box and our house.  If you look just to the left of the box you can see the first stake with the pink flag is the corner of our house.

This is the view of the box standing on our porch.

This is an approx. view from our front window.

Distance from the street

You can see here just how far away they placed the box from the other utility boxes.  We are hoping they can at least move it to where these are located.

Dan heard back from the sales rep today and he said that the box is a cable box.  He said he contacted the cable company to have them go out to the site and see if there's anything they can do.  We are really hoping they will move it to the right and possibly minimize the size (there are some boxes similar but smaller in our neighborhood).  Praying that they will do something!

All in all though when I drove out there it made me feel more optimistic.  The drive is beautiful and the lot is even prettier now that the trees have leaves.  We will still have our dream house in the perfect location no matter what comes of this.  Just really hoping that it will be the dream house without the cable box in the front yard!


  1. It's good that you are trying to keep a positive attitude. As things progress it may not be as conspicuous as it is now. The cable company may even decide to move it. Let's hope.

  2. Keep on the cable company. If they just put it in they should be able to move it to a better location at least.