Our lot

Our lot

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Um...what is that?!!! Not happy!

We decided to take a drive today and were going to stop out at the lot and see the progress on our neighbors houses then take the kids out for cupcakes.  We didn't notice much going on at the neighbors from the outside it still looks the same.  We let the kids out of the car to run around and walk the street/lot.  Then we noticed this....

Huh?  What is that?  At first I thought these must be temporary utility boxes to be used while building.  I mean they're like 10feet from our front door and cover most of our front yard.  Then we drove through the finished homes and saw...nope still there.  The majority of people just have small utility type things but every so often there are these huge boxes and people have tried to hide them with shrubs.  But, there's are still usually at least at the corner of the lot-not like ours right by our door and front window! 

One of the things we were looking forward to the most about moving is not having to worry about the kids in our yard.  Right now we have a koi pond and always have to keep them away from it.  So now I'm supposed to worry about them with an electric box saying "danger-low voltage!"....um no!  Not happy about paying a large premium for this lot that is covered with utility boxes and essentially no front yard now. 

So we are pretty frustrated and angry that we weren't informed of this.  We're not sure what can be done since we are so close to breaking ground.  We are contacting the sales rep today.  We loved this lot but not anymore:(

After that big disappointment we went for cupcakes but the store was closed.  We decided to stop by Cool Beans Cafe again for a snack and cookies.  They are so nice and friendly there and the kids had a great time.  It helped brighten everyone's moods a little.  Then we walked to the square and the kids ran around, ate their cookies, and we took some pictures at the gazebo...

So, now we are just hoping when we talk to the sales rep today they can fix this.  Hopefully...


  1. Good news is the two big green boxes are actually on our neighbors property between our two houses. We must have seen it at a weird angle. Still a little worried about that with the kids though. The other light green box that is close to our porch/door area we are still waiting to hear about. Our sales rep wasn't sure what it is and since he's now at a different location he can't go check it out. Waiting to hear...

  2. Hope you hear good news about the other box. Our sales rep changed locations twice during our process (which, because of a contingency has taken longer than most), so we've dealt with some minor annoyances with that too. I really hope everything works out so that you are happy with your lot :)

    1. Thanks! Yeah it's so annoying that they move around like that. I know he was pretty disappointed to be leaving and they were moving him somewhere pretty far away.