Our lot

Our lot

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Progress!!! And tons of pics!

The homesite is changing so quickly!  On Wednesday we had a hole, and Thursday Dan stopped by and saw this...

(Click to Enlarge)

The hole became a lot more defined and we now have footers!

Dan also took a picture of a Naples that is going up a couple houses down on the next street.  This is the same elevation as we are getting (without the 3rd car garage).    It was nice to see!  There is only one other Naples so far in our community and it's the cottage style.  We're glad to see another one but also glad there aren't many!

Then on Saturday, we took my parents and sister out to the site and saw more progess...

 One thing we were concerned about is there was flooding on the street before ours in the community. We had to take a different street because we couldn't drive down the flooded one.  I'm going to bring this up with the PM-hoping this won't be a common problem. 

Now for pics-Sorry these are phone pics because our camera broke on Friday!  These are obviously the basement level but I'll describe where the rooms will be on the first floor...

This is the front of the house- foyer/living room/dining room/kitchen/morning room


Here you can see the family room up close with the kitchen and morning room.

From the back looking toward the front-family room to the right in front of garage, kitchen front left, living/dining/foyer etc in back left.

And to illustrate how muddy it was...

And today we made our first purchase for the house!!!  Antique white distressed stools for the island.  We bought 3, I'm not sure if they all will fit but we can use the 3rd somewhere else if they don't!  They were a great price so we couldn't pass them up;  I think they will look great with the Rushmore Antique White cabinets!


  1. Very Exciting! I love the chair!

  2. Nice pics of the drain system for your foundation. Thanks for sharing!

  3. There are 6 Veronas in our community, but there's only one other one with our elevation. It's so exciting to see progress :)