Our lot

Our lot

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Backfilling/Rough Grading/Wood Delivery Pics

My lack of self-control sent me out to the house today!  We had planned on waiting until Saturday but since framing was scheduled to start today I couldn't help going to check it out!

I was a little disappointed when we got there at about 12:30 and didn't see framing started.  I also didn't see any cement poured in the basement.  But the good news was the backfilling was completed and they rough graded the yard.  It looks really great and so far!  The wood also was delivered so it was nice to see that.  It also looks like they finished the siding on the house a couple lots down (think it's a Florence). 

So here's some pics of the progress...

Then about an hour after I got home the PM called Dan with an update.  I guess the framers are finishing up a house down the street so they didn't get started today but they will be starting our framing tomorrow afternoon.  Dan asked about the cement not being poured because we had seen on other blogs that cement is poured before framing but I guess that's not how they are doing it (maybe because our basement is unfinished?).  Our house will be framed, then roof put on, siding etc, plumbing in basement, then cement poured.  So if all goes as planned we should have a good amount framed when we go back out Saturday!!!


  1. Our basement will be finished and they won't be pouring the cement until after the framing. My PM said it doesn't matter either way. It all depends on when they can get the cement guys scheduled.

    1. Thanks for the info! When I went out there and didn't see the cement I thought we must not be framing until next week. I was glad that the PM called and explained. Nice to know we aren't the only ones getting cement poured later!

    2. Our cement wasn't poured in the basement until after we were completely under roof. Enjoy the framing. It's amazing to watch :)