Our lot

Our lot

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 21-More Framing Pics!

Day 21-Wednesday morning, I took my Mom out to see the house.  Dan and I had been there last Saturday night so there was only two days (Mon/Tues) of work since we had been there.  They are sure moving fast and we now had a second floor, windows, door, bathtubs, and more!  Here are some new pics...

Naples Elevation C-Reverse Plan

Front door installed (will be painted dark green)

Family Room-now with windows!

Morning Room Windows

They installed the sliding glass door in the morning room.

 We now have a second floor!

The boys in their new bedroom (Bedroom 2 on floor plan)

 Girly's new room (Bedroom 3)

The Playroom (Bedroom 5-converted loft)

Guest Room/Possible Nursery Someday (Bedroom 4)

Master Bedroom

Master Bath (you can see the seat for the shower and the garden tub). 

Kids/Guest Bath

Tomorrow (Friday) we will try and lock-in our interest rate.  Today's rate was 3.5% and .75% toward closing.  We are hoping tomorrow will be the two best rates we've seen so far (3.375 and 0points or 3.5% and 1% toward closing).


  1. Bedroom 2 is a perfect size for two boys to share. I also love the idea of closing in the loft for an additional bedroom. Hope you get a great rate!

    1. Thanks Rachel! I hope you are enjoying your new home!

  2. The rates are awesome!! The Naples remind me of the Rome with the loft. How did your mom enjoy seeing the new home?

    1. Yep the Naples and Rome are super similar. They basically are the same floor-plan but the Rome has an office downstairs (and slightly larger living/dining). My Mom loved seeing it! She was really impressed at how quick things are changing (she was out there last when we just had footers).

    2. I've tried to comment on your blog the past couple weeks but it's not working for me. Just wanted to let you know we are still praying for you guys and hoping you hear good news really soon!