Our lot

Our lot

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Shingles, Plumbing, and way too many pics!

We went out to the site today and were happy with the continued progress.  The shingles are now on the roof (not sure if they are finished because while we were there someone brought over more shingles) and it looks like the majority of the plumbing is in (we didn't check the basement).  There is a broken window now in the guest bedroom/nursery.  We're sure that will be fixed soon so we didn't worry about it.  Here are the pics of the day!  Next on the list is HVAC and pouring the basement floor.

Notice someone wanted to say "Hi" to us by the roof...so Hi back:)

Front Entrance

Kitchen is now mapped out

Plumbing in the powder room

Plumbing on ceiling downstairs

2nd floor laundry plumbing

Kids/Guest Bath

Smaller Master Closet-front left

Master Bath looking good!  Love all the views of the backyard!

The boys had to try out the shower seat.

From walk-in closet looking through bathroom into master bedroom

Walk-in Closet

Girly's room has a  surprisingly decent view of the golf-course and pond.  We had thought her view would mostly be of the house beside us so we were excited to see this!

The shingles they use on roof

We love it!

Front View

Back Yard

Back by morning room door

Back view of house


  1. All good pictures. I like the "Hi" on the gable :-)

    Talk to me about too many pictures when you get up to the 38 that I just put on my last post! I count 20 here :-D

    1. Funny thing is I took so many I might have beat your 38! Blogger just was taking too long to download. I'll get you next time;)

  2. My kids love the shower seat, too! Whenever we would visit, they would hang out in the shower. Once the enclosure was in, that made it even more fun. Oh well, at least I knew where to find them. Your house is looking great!

    1. That is so funny... I have a picture of my son on the shower seat too!