Our lot

Our lot

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cement, HVAC, Door knobs

We went out the house today (surprise surprise) to check out the progress.  It's funny all the little things we get excited about.  For example, we saw that they put on the entry door handle!  Actually, the door handle seems different than the basic one that we thought we were getting.  We thought it was going to be a round handle and another Naples being built just a few houses down has the round one.  So we scored big time!  Also we were excited to see the water hose bib in the front seems like a good placement.  We have cement now in the garage (Alicia did a little happy dance when she stepped on the cement for the first time), basement and the front stoop and it looks great.   The HVAC was supposed to be started on Monday of this last week but did not finish.  The electrician was supposed to start possibly Friday but our PM said he was a little backed up so they haven't started any of that yet.   We have our pre-drywall meeting this wednesday coming up so hopefully we'll see both the HVAC and wiring all done.

There are 2 other Naples being built across and down the street from us.  The one has all siding and elevation C like ours so we have been axious to see what their siding and shutter choices were......well we saw today that they have tan siding and black shutters.  It looks nice with all siding (not as nice as ours will be though :)) but we are really excited  now to see our Spanish Olive siding color with white shutters. 

Now, labeling the pictures......for some reason i have a hard time when the caption is on top of the picture (as my wife does it and i'm sure many others too, no offense).  So, here are the pictures with the caption on the BOTTOM.  

Hose bib on the front of the house between the garage and the front porch/stoop 

Front door with the new handle

View of the basement with the concrete poured 

Start of putting in the furnace in the basement

Here is the 2 piece rough-in for the basement, toilet and sink

Another view of the cement porch/stoop 

View of the garage after cement poured....no cracks so far

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  1. Looks great! I also prefer the caption on the bottom, so I'm glad to see someone else does, too :)